capital raising

Trident Capital has significant experience in raising capital for public and private companies. We have established excellent equity capital markets distribution capability with strong relationships with stockbroking firms and angel investors.

Services offered:   • strategic capital raising advice
  • pricing of share issues
  • co-ordination of the capital raising process
  • drafting of prospectuses and other capital raising documents
  • initial public offerings
  • selection of brokers as underwriters or brokers to issue
  • co-ordination of due diligence committees
  • drafting of fundraising presentation materials and coordination of investor roadshows



Co-ordination of the Capital Raising Process Trident Capital can advise and assist in the raising of capital for its clients at the seed, mezzanine, IPO and market stages.

A company or project's requirement for capital has to be accessed within a time context. Early stage, or seed capital is usually sought from and provided by sophisticated or experienced investors and or people with a clear understanding of the company or project and its risk profile.

Trident Capital can provide structuring advice for the company or project, advice on the most appropriate methodology of raising the funds required, and identification and engagement of appropriate sources of those funds, including from Trident Capital’s network of funds, merchant banks, institutional broking associates and clients.

Drafting of Fundraising Presentation Materials and Coordination of Investor Roadshows
Trident Capital’s expertise includes the structuring and drafting of the appropriate fundraising documentation, whether that be an Information Memorandum, Offer Information Statement through to a Prospectus. Our advice as to the adoption of a Placement, Rights Issue, Share Purchase Plan, Prospectus or more limited exempt offering is tailored to the needs of the company, its current operational status, timing, and market conditions.

Mezzanine Finance Mezzanine Finance is normally sought for more mature companies or projects that are still not ready or willing to proceed to a public offering. Trident Capital has extensive experience and expertise in advising on and structuring mezzanine finance raisings. Our network of clients and sources of capital have provided funding to a number of companies and projects that have advanced from the conceptual or exploratory stage, but want to build further value before proceeding to a public raising, giving those companies the opportunity to maximise their value at subsequent raisings or offerings.

Initial Public Offerings
Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) are an opportunity for companies to share their vision and upside with the investing public. Trident Capital can advise on the most appropriate timing and structure of your IPO as well as writing the Prospectus, co-ordinating other professional advisors, experts, printers and meeting ASX and ASIC compliance obligations. We can drive and manage the due diligence process and provide company secretarial support, as well as provide advice on, and introductions of potential executive and non-executive directors.

Secondary Public Financing
Public companies often have further funding requirements after they have listed on a stock exchange. These funding requirements may be satisfied by a variety of alternatives including debt and equity funding. Trident can assist in structuring and recommending appropriate mechanics to accomplish funding outcomes and co-ordinating financial parties interested in participating in secondary raisings.