corporate advisory & strategic consulting

Trident Capital can assist in making companies "investor ready", assessing equity capital options and advising on and executing transactions to enable businesses to grow.

Services offered:   • capital and corporate structuring advice
  • financing alternatives
  • commercialisation of intellectual property 
  • restructure and recapitalisation of distressed companies
  • corporate governance
  • board and management structuring advice


Trident Capital through its extensive expertise and experience is able to provide timely, market appropriate and realistic advice on capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, management buyouts, private equity injections, reverse takeovers and trade sales.

Each member of our experienced team is capable of advising on your company or projects capital raising or public listing needs and guiding you through the whole process, including preparation of roadshow or presentation materials, the arrangement of roadshow meetings and attendance there with the company’s representative. 

Our clients have utilised our experience and expertise to achieve true value for their companies and projects in a cost effective and timely fashion. The provision of realistic, informed and market sensitive advice from Trident Capital has enabled them to achieve desired outcomes and favourable terms.

Board and Management Structuring Advice Trident Capital can provide advice to management who are contemplating a management buyout (MBO) of the company or business they are in. Our advice as to the appropriate structure of vehicle(s) for the MBO, is complemented with our documentation of the transaction as we work with our client to completion of the acquisition. Furthermore, where required, we can provide advice on funding of the transaction and sourcing appropriate investors.

Capital and Corporate Structure
Trident Capital can provide ongoing corporate advisory support to the Boards of companies in situations where those companies are in growth or acquisition stages and require expert care and experienced advice on appropriate strategies, structures, fundraising options available and negotiating contracts and corporate secretarial support.