Trident Advisory

Corporate Advisory

Trident Capital can assist in making companies Investor Ready, Market Ready or Acquisition Ready. We do this by assessing and developing the right corporate strategy and dilution parameters for equity and debt funding options and advising on and assisting execution on transactions according to strategy. Services offered:

  • Corporate and capital structuring advice
  • Assessing financing alternatives
  • Assistance managing regulatory requirements and approvals
  • Restructuring and recapitalisation of companies
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Board and management guidance
  • Corporate governance and compliance structuring

Trident Capital, through its extensive expertise and experience, is able to provide timely, market appropriate, innovative and realistic advice through its services offered. Its tradition is working with clients in increasingly complicated and rapidly changing corporate environments in both private and public capital markets globally.  This approach, coupled with the unique relationship with Price Sierakowski corporate lawyers, has consistently achieved true value for our clients.

Beyond the completion of a transaction, Trident Capital often continues to stay aligned with our client’s objectives by assisting in their strategy deployment and development through continuing corporate advisory services and non-executive director roles and will usually support these objectives by taking long term equity escrow positions.

Corporate and Capital Structuring Advice

Trident Capital has a long history of guiding companies to complete corporate and capital structures that add value to transaction solutions, in particular IPO and RTO’s on the ASX. Providing bespoke corporate advice on appropriate strategies, structures, fundraising options, commercial negotiations, board composition and corporate secretarial support.

Accessing Financing Alternatives

Accessing the appropriate funding and financing options for transactions can be achieved through convertible instruments, debt, pre-IPO, IPO, RTO and secondary public market offerings along with private company capital needs. Services offered include:

  • Guidance on valuation
  • Co-ordination of the capital raising process
  • Introduction to funding alternatives
  • Drafting of prospectuses and other capital raising documents
  • Producing presentation materials, announcements and media releases
  • Coordination of investor roadshows

Assisting Managing Regulatory Requirements and Approvals

Trident has vast experience working with stock exchanges and corporate regulators to navigate the ever changing and complicated provisions that apply to a variety of transactions. With the unique relationship with Price Sierakowski corporate lawyers the Trident team’s extensive expertise consistently obtains the approvals and meets the requirements necessary.

Restructuring and Recapitalisation of Companies

Market conditions and opportunity sometimes dictate that the best means for a project to achieve public listing on the ASX is through a reverse takeover (RTO) of a listed company. Our strong relationships within the insolvency profession enables Trident to identify distressed ASX listed companies and be preferred as the party approved to restructure, recapitalise and relist that entity.

In addition, Trident Capital has guided many distressed companies through restructuring mechanisms focused on returning value to shareholders.

Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions

Deep merger and acquisition experience is grounded in being regarded as one of the leading corporate advisers for completing RTOs on the ASX over the last 20 years, which has included both domestic and international project acquisitions. Trident through its close affiliation with Price Sierakowski Corporate has extensive experience assisting companies navigating the highly regulated legal provisions and offer a comprehensive approach to obtaining the commercial outcomes sought. Services offered include:

  • Deal origination
  • Determining strategic options and investments
  • Advising on structuring and pricing the transaction
  • Negotiation and execution
  • Managing due diligence, shareholder and regulatory approval process

Board and Management Guidance

Appropriately balanced and independent boards that operate efficiently with management are often a difficult journey from private to public transitions or connected with M&A transactions. Trident Capital can assist companies to source appropriate directors and produce compliance platforms for effective operations of boards and regulatory obligations.

Trident Management Services

Trident Management Services Pty Ltd can assist companies in the growth stage by providing management expertise and a full range of company secretarial and accounting services. TMS is led by Mr Simon Whybrow with a team of experienced and dedicated staff, which guarantees that there is always a team member to respond to a client’s demands.

Our mission is to take care of our clients’ compliance requirements so that they are free to focus on the growth and prosperity of their business. The TMS team is committed to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and performance in dealing with client companies.

Of particular advantage when selecting TMS to provide corporate administrative services is that although one of our team is named as Company Secretary, the whole TMS team will oversee this engagement. TMS offers significant cost savings as there are no employee on-costs and leave entitlements. TMS always makes available an experienced individual to look after the affairs of the client on a daily basis year-round.

Company Secretarial Services

  • Attendance at board meetings and preparation of minutes
  • Liaising with the share registry in relation to shareholder queries
  • Coordination and oversight of Corporate Governance procedures
  • Appointment to Board sub-committees
  • Lodgement of ASX announcements
  • Review of ASX announcements and liaison with ASX
  • Maintenance of corporate secretarial volumes
  • Assistance with preparation of the non-financial components of quarterly, half year and annual cashflows and financial statements for audit or ASX announcements
  • Liaising with auditors, tax advisers etc 
  • Assistance with preparation of a prospectus 
  • Assistance with management of a capital raising 
  • Due diligence and financial modelling for proposed acquisitions

Financial Accounting Services

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts
  • Preparation of the quarterly, half year and annual cashflows and financial statements for audit or ASX announcements in accordance with IFRS requirements
  • Preparation of tax workings for lodgement of GST and ITR requirements
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Liaising with auditors, tax advisers etc

Current Trident Management Services Clients

TMS representatives are currently or have acted as a director, company secretary and/or provided accounting services to the following ASX listed companies.

  • TG Metals Limited (TG6)
  • HearMeOut Limited (HMO)
  • Connected IO Limited (CIO)
  • Resapp Health Limited (RAP)
  • Kinetiko Energy Ltd (KKO)
  • Rision Limited (RNL)
  • Swift Media Limited (SW1)
  • Empire Oil & Gas NL (EGO)

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